yoga-1226382_960_720When workouts are mentioned, yoga does not usually top the list. Yoga is known as a gentle form of exercise, as much or more about the mind as the body. Recently studies are showing that yoga practitioners are experiencing significant gains in the body department as well. So much so that yoga must be considered in any discussion about the best workout available.

When done properly, yoga is all the exercise a person needs, combining cardiovascular exercise with strength training and flexibility. Yoga is offered in graduating levels of difficulty so the body is constantly. This discourages fitness plateaus and lends itself to continual progress.

No Inuries, No Competition, and Accessible from Anywhere

Yoga can be practiced anywhere. The living room. The park. Anywhere. Compared to the cost of a gym membership yoga is very affordable and accessible. Although many purchase a mat, it is not required. In fact, no special equipment is needed to experience the heath benefits of yoga.

Yoga does not cause injuries. In fact, yoga is known to prevent injuries by increasing flexibility and core muscle strength. This is especially prevalent in older practitioners who cannot safely participate in high impact exercises.

Yoga is completely free of competition. Unlike the gym where members are constantly checking on each other to see how much weight is being lifted or how many miles run. Yoga is a group activity but there is no winning or losing. The concept does not exist.

Sitting Poses Set Yoga Apart

Another extraordinary advantage of yoga is the ability to practice poses regardless of physical ability. Many yoga studios now cater to the elderly and the disabled, offering modified poses that can be performed while sitting so the added stress of sitting or laying on the floor does not become a barrier to exercising.

Yoga has no limits or boundaries. It is accessible to all and provides benefits to all of the major systems of the body. Yoga might be the best workout available.